Saturday, February 24, 2007

Brace Face! Tinsel Teeth! NOT!

A new adventure for the Kamberger family began this week as Caitlin got her braces! As you can see from the pics above, there is no metal involved. Our dentist hooked her up with a new product called "Invisalign" which she will wear 24 hours a day, except when eating/brushing/flossing. Every three weeks or so a new set of Invisalign molds will be utilized. After about a year, her correction will be complete!

Caitlin was very excited to get these started. She was not expecting the "uncomfortable" feeling in her mouth and on her tongue from rubbing against the mold, but we've told her it's much better than having braces!

Grace will also be getting the Invisalign, but not until next year at the earliest. She will need to have four teeth extracted this year to give her mouth a little more room, then will have the molds done after things stabilize.

Here Comes the Storm!

Well, a beautiful week of temps in the 40's has taken a turn for the worse as a low pressure system is moving across the midwest today. It began here last night as THUNDERSLEET. More freezing rain today, then turning to all snow this afternoon into tomorrow. The prediction is for up to 15 inches of snow on top of 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice when all is said and done. Typical north Iowa weather! We'll try to post some more pics once the snow hits.