Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blizzard pics

Our front yard
Dad working the snowblower
A snowball fight!
Nathan and Juls
Sarabeth on a snow mound

The blizzard(s) of 2007

Tonight we are dealing with the second blizzard in the past 6 days. Blizzard #1 began last Friday evening with thundersleet and freezing rain, which gave us a nice coating of ice. The snow began in earnest on Saturday evening and with the high winds the conditions were pretty dicey outside. Many people here in North Iowa lost their power. Now, almost a week later as some folks are still waiting for their electricity to be restored- a second round of freezing rain and HEAVY snow is falling. The forecast is for another 12-15 inches by tomorrow afternoon, with considerable blowing and drifting of snow.

We are praying for those who are still in the dark. Our good friends Shannon and Jodi Clark are among those waiting. You can read their story on their blog at

The kids are enjoying the opportunity to get out and play in the white stuff. Thankfully the temps haven't been too bad, hovering just below freezing. The pics above show what we've been dealing with. As dad works the snowblower, the kiddos are having a blast playing.

Grace is a TEEN!

The youngest of our first family is a teenager. Grace turned 13 yesterday. It's hard to imagine that our little girl is already a teenager, but it's true! She looks and acts more like one every day. We had a small family party with presents and cake last night. Grace will have her traditional sleep-over party with 8 of her friends on Friday night (weather permitting!). She plans on decorating the family room, eating lots of junk, watching a movie or two, giggling a lot!, and not sleeping very much. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Above are some pics of our family party.