Sunday, March 8, 2009

Juliana is Toothless!

Juliana lost her first tooth today. It has been loose for several weeks and she's been wiggling and wiggling it. Today she came out of her room with a few tears in her eyes. She had wiggled it a bit much and the tooth was barely hanging on and was bleeding. Daddy got a tissue for Mom to "wipe away the blood" and voila! She did bleed for a while. As most of you know, Juls has had two open heart surgeries and is now on a baby aspirin daily, which means she bleeds a bit longer. She bit on a tissue for a while and after a few more tears, Juliana was all smiles!

Grace Turns 15

February 28, 2009: Grace is growing up so fast. She turned 15 today and we celebrated with a lasagna feast and birthday pie. Jeriah and Shawna were able to join us, as did the Cox family. It was an excellent dinner! Grace is in the 9th grade now and has been homeschooled the entire time. This year she is in a new curriculum called "Sonlight", which requires a LOT of reading. Grace is a reader who can devour whole books in a single sitting it seems. She says she is "tolerating" the Sonlight, as the reading consists of a lot of literature and she would rather be reading Star Wars or Narnia. Grace is currently planning on doing a missions trip to Idaho this summer with the youth from another church here in Iowa. She's looking forward to the opportunity to witness for Christ and see a different part of the country. She also will likely be trying to get her learner's permit this year. Keep us all in your prayers!

Happy Birthday Grace. We Love You!

Happy 9th Birthday Sarabeth!

January 31, 2009: We celebrated Sarabeth's 9th birthday today. She has been with us for just over two years now and we've been blessed by her addition to our family. This past year we were privileged to see Sarabeth come to know the Lord as her Savior and were excited to see her follow the Lord in believer's baptism. She is a quiet child and very well behaved. She enjoys helping out around the house and usually keeps her room very tidy. In school she does good in spelling, but not so much so in math. She has been taking piano lessons for a year and a half and is doing great in that. We enjoy listening to her practice! Sarabeth is an animal lover and really enjoys having our puppy Lizzie around the house.

Happy Birthday Sarabeth. We Love You!