Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Photo Gallery, Part 5: "The Kalahari"

We spent 3 days last week at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This whole area is saturated with water parks, and the Kalahari has an amazing indoor waterpark that we've visited several times now. While there we were able to meet up with the Chapman family from suburban Chicago. They adopted Charis from the Yueyang orphanage just a few months before we went to Yueyang for Jeremy. Jeremy and Charis had a great time together and we look forward to maintaining that relationship. It's great for the little ones to have a link to their heritage.

Jeremy and Charis

L to R: Juliana, Faith Chapman, Charis Chapman, Jeremy, Nathan, Sarabeth

Mary at the wave pool

Nathan loved the slides

So did Sarabeth

Juliana too!

What a smile :-)

Jeremy wasn't too sure about the water, but he did this slide for Mama

The kids enjoyed playing with these water rings

Jeremy, Mary and Juliana at the end of one of the big raft slides

Nate, Lynn Cox and Sarabeth are coming down the slide

Nate, Lynn and Sarabeth at the bottom

Our 6 plus Susan and Amy Cox. What a great time everyone had!

Spring Photo Gallery, Part 4: "Wedding Shower"

Jeriah and Shawna

Jeriah's such a sport!

Dish towels for "Shawna's Kitchen"

Shawna's parents, Earl and Sue DuRocher

Boys get toys, girls get kitchen stuff, and everyone's happy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Photo Gallery, Part 3: "Bowling"

Nathan coming back for his spare ball

Jeremy lets it fly....

....and celebrates a strike with his mommy!

Nathan got a spare!

Sarabeth had a fun time at the "Rose Bowl"

Juliana needed a little help

Caitlin and Dad played on a lane without bumpers in the gutter

Nate takes aim... love those bowling shoes!

Sarabeth showing off her form

Juliana and her daddy line up a spare shot.

Spring Photo Gallery, Part 2: "Easter"

Easter presents: bubble wands and balls

A frequent scene at our house: kids wrestling on the floor

Pig Pile on Caitlin!

Jeremy coloring his first Easter egg

An artist at work

Jeremy has the hang of it

Juliana is SO darn cute!

The dye is supposed to be on the EGGS Caitlin!

Such concentration!

Sarabeth made a pretty one!

Caitlin's Marimba Solo

Caitlin's marimba solo at the North Iowa solo and small ensemble competition. She scored a rating of "1" this year! This is one of the two pieces she played in the competition.

Spring Photo Gallery, Part 1: "Snow Days"

A snow bunny

Juliana ready for a head-first slide

Jeremy likes the slide

Nathan is ALWAYS playing with sticks!

Basketball in the snow

Is it spring yet mommy? I like playing outside!

Jeremy helping to shovel the snow away

Nathan and Jeremy make a good team

Our snowy backyard