Saturday, March 17, 2007

Nathan snaps a wire!

We have seen numerous robins lately, scavenging for food. Yeah!! Signs of spring are all around - daffodil sprouts (in others' yards), kids out trike riding on the driveway and sidewalks, chalk drawings all over!! We still have piles of snow and ice melting, but Spring WILL come!

Yesterday evening while eating dinner, John commented that Nathan was moving his jaw more today. I looked at him closely to see one of his two pin wires was broken! 5:45pm on Friday night - happy weekend! We called the hospital, which is 3 hrs away, and after a few calls and consults to "fellows" and the chief surgeon, we were told it was no emergency - we could come on Monday or over the weekend. So, we chose to wait and Mary and Lynn Cox will again travel to Iowa City on Tuesday to get the wire reattached. I told John we could just go to ACE hardware and get some wire ourselves, but considering the level of calibration the docs do to have his chin/face shifting "just right", we chose to let the professionals do it!! So as long as the other wire doesn't snap, we will wait until Tuesday - otherwise it will be a quick trip to U of I hospital. NEXT time I hope they increase the wire gauge or triple layer it!!


Grace's 13th birthday party with friends

Grace had 8 friends over for her traditional slumber party. Teen games, a movie, doing hair and just joking around - all had a great time. Can't believe my "baby" is getting all grown up!