Saturday, March 29, 2008


Spring has sprung, sort of, in North Iowa. We've had a couple of 50 degree days which melted much of the ice/snow cover, then had a 3-4 inch snowfall again a few nights ago. The lake is still mostly frozen. The open water areas around the aerators are expanding, but I went ice-fishing Thursday evening and we had to auger thru 18 inches of ice before we hit water. I didn't have much luck fishing.... a large walleye on the hook slipped off as I was pulling it thru the hole. My friends Dan and Aaron each landed two keepers (there's a 14 inch minimum for walleye on Clear Lake).

My NCAA bracket was busted pretty early, although I still have North Carolina winning it all. The end of the college basketball season means one thing.....BASEBALL SEASON! I've always been a baseball fan above all other sports. I have DirecTV for one reason.... I can get the MLB Extra Innings package and watch the Orioles from here in Iowa. I'm not too optimistic about this season, but I just can't help being a fan and watching.

Things are progressing on the wedding planning front. Mary and I are responsible for setting up the rehearsal dinner and we are exploring options. I think we have settled on the Latin King, an italian restaurant in Des Moines, but nothing is final yet.

We have a spring trip to the Kalahari resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin planned for April 21-23. We've been there 3 times in the past. They have a HUGE indoor waterpark that the kids really love. We try to go in January or February as a winter break kind of thing, but this year my work schedule wouldn't allow it until April. We'll be meeting up with the Chapman family from Chicago, who adopted a girl recently from the same orphanage as Jeremy. Jeremy and Charis will have an opportunity to renew a lifelong friendship, as they spent most of the past 7 years together in Yueyang.

Haven't been taking many pictures...... I'm gonna have to work on that and get some posted for your viewing pleasure!