Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year- The Year of the Ox!

Welcome to the Year of the Ox. We celebrated the Chinese New Year today at our house. The kids spent much of their school day doing things like writing chinese characters, making chinese flags, decorating the kitchen in construction paper "Chinese Lanterns" and creating some new year's dragons for a parade around the kitchen and living room after dinner. Speaking of dinner---WOW! We made homemade pork egg rolls, beef "pot stickers", garlicly stir-fried green beans and some amazing chicken satay's. The chicken was marinated in a garlic-ginger-teriyake sauce before we skewered the meat and grilled it. The Cox family joined us for our "excellent new year adventure" and everything turned out great!

Lunch was "long" noodles (Raman noodles) which the Chinese believe signify longevity

The kitchen, decorated in Chinese lanterns

The dragon parade. This is Nathan's design, with Juliana's pink dragon just behind.

Sarabeth's dragon.

Nathan and Sarabeth parade through the living room.
The amazing chicken satay's