Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pix of Nate in the hospital

I still gotta wear this "crown" for three more weeks! YUCK!
I want to go home - his most frequent comment, but this time it
was with big tears rolling down his cheeks. Nate did like riding the trike bike all over the halls in the hospital. One time he was "chasing" Mommy and took a corner a bit too fast ... wipe out!!! With 2 fresh incisions and a halo on, we thought the "chasing" should stop.


Nathan's second surgery

Last week, Nathan had his second facial surgery. The doctors removed a portion of his rib/cartilage, shaped it and grafted it onto his right lower jawbone. John and I were at the hospital with him from Monday night through Thursday night. Poor Nate spiked 104 degree fever on Wed night/thurs early morning. The docs obviously didn't want to send us home, but all the tests were clear for any new bacterial infection. Nate must have succumb to a viral bronchitis of sorts - John and I convinced the docs that we could go home. We didn't want John to have to drive 3hrs home on Thurs, work all day Fri and drive 3hrs back down on Fri to pick us up .... when we and the docs knew Nate had a virus that they could do nothing for at the hospital. Sooooo, we arrived home at 10pm Thursday - exhausted!

Sarabeth and Juliana stayed with the Cox's and Sarabeth was the one to have a hard time with it. She missed her Mommy! A wonderful thing for an adoptive Mom to hear - a great sign of bonding! We called early on Thursday to say we would NOT be coming home, but called again at 6pm to say we would be home by 10pm. Sarabeth and Juls came home with Caitlin and Grace around 7:30 and Sarabeth thought Mom would be there ..... I was not! She lost it! Sad for her, but a great boost that our bonding is strong! They called me on my cell and I assured Sarabeth we would be home by 10 and to wait up for us. All four of my girls were eagerly waiting for us to get home!

Nate has continued with a coarse bronchial cough, and reducing fevers. He has 3-4inch incisions on his right neck and left chest - glued closed! I also have gotten a cough and now a cold and feel pretty worn out. Last night was the first night we all slept well since arriving home!

I'll post some pix and then I'm off to bed - just wanted to get this belated posting finally up for you all to read.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!