Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sarabeth's "four" wheeler

An old bike of Grace's came out of hibernation and I pumped the tires and added training wheels. Sarabeth had been bugging me all week to ride her bike. She was ecstatic until she tried to get on!! I then lowered the seat all the way down for her. I said, "I thought you rode a bike in China?" Her reply, "I did, but it was a small bike!" She pedaled around the driveway and up the sidewalk, all the while leaning on one of the training wheels - us parents all know what that looks like! Juls and Nate whizzed by Sarabeth on their trikes and she kept yelling for them to get out of the way. To which, in true brotherly style, Nate only got in her way all the more! The day was overcast and dreary, but at least it was warm. With muddy shoes and dodging raindrops, the kids all came in tired and satisfied!

Oh, BTW, Nate broke another wire! The second unbroken wire has GOT to last until we leave for the hospital on Monday night. He goes for surgery #2 Tuesday morning, bright and early. The docs will harvest a piece of Nate's own rib with some cartilage attached (growth plate lies in between the bone and cartilage). Then they will graft this bone, after reshaping it, to create a new upper portion of his right mandible. The following 3 weeks his jaw will HAVE to remain immobile so they better triple layer those wires and use extra heavy duty this time around!!

Would appreciate prayer for his surgery - that the Lord's hand will guide the surgeon's and all will heal well.


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