Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A long overdue post

This post is long overdue, as we have been both busy and neglectful. Everyone is doing well as summer begins. Camp has begun at IRBC (Iowa Regular Baptist Camp) and we had the opportunity to spend the week out there last week. The first week of camping season is the combination of Special Camp and "Water/Work Week (WWW)". WWW is the week where teens from all over Iowa come to camp and bust their butts working on the campground, getting it ready for summer and also trying out for part-time positions at the camp. They learn how to do the jobs they would be assigned to if they are offered positions, such as dining hall, dishroom, lifeguard etc. Caitlin and Grace both attended and received work weeks this year. Caitlin will be working in the dining hall during the weeks of Junior Girls Camp and Deaf Camp. She will also work in the dishroom the week of Family Camp 2 over the week of July 4. Grace will be working in the dishroom for Senior High Camp. The girls will also be attending camp this year, with Caitlin attending Senior High Camp and Grace attending Junior High Camp. The whole family will be attending Family Camp 5 again this year from Aug 4 through 10. All in all, Caitlin will be spending 5 weeks of her summer at IRBC. Fun!!!

The other camp going on last week was Special Camp. Mary has worked as RN for special camp for 7 years now. Special camp is a week for special needs/mentally challenged individuals from all over Iowa to attend camp and hear about God's Word. They enjoy the many things to do on the campground, have craft time and Bible lesson time, and go to Chapel every evening for songs and a message. The speaker this year was Pastor Garry Moore who does a good job of speaking in a way the campers can understand. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after Chapel, the campers participated in their annual "Talent Night". There are many versions of "Jesus Loves Me" sung (some you can even understand the words!), and each one is a blessing.

Jeriah worked as a counselor for Special camp again this year, and John spent the week in our camper on the campground taking care of the little ones. This freed Mary up to devote her time to her nursing duties. Thankfully, the Stephenson kids were able and willing to play with Sarabeth, Nathan and Juliana during the daytime all week, thus freeing John up to do a little fishing. The results can be seen in the pic below (a nice 21" walleye- one of 3 keepers on this day)! Some special camp pics are also attached.

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The Curries said...

It's about dang time! :)

I remember fondly the night I spent at the Special Camp talent show when I was out visiting that time. We'll have to come out for a week at family camp one of these years.

Love, Sher