Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Cape Hatteras

The Kamberger family is having a reunion this week on Cape Hatteras, NC. We have joined John's grandmother Dane, his Dad and stepmother Julie, and his brothers and sister and their families at a beachfront house on the Cape. We all arrived on Saturday afternoon and have been enjoying the food, fun and fellowship. The beach is right outside our back door and the water has been great. The kids have really enjoyed the pool and also getting all sandy on the beach. Nate is becoming an excellent sand castle builder, and an even better sand castle destroyer! We had some rain on Sunday evening into Monday, but otherwise the sun has been hot and several of us have gotten a little bit of burn.

Today, several of us headed south to the town of Hatteras and saw the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse. We also went over the free ferry (a 40 minute ride) to the island of Ocracoke, where we had lunch and cruised around the little town there. We then ferried back to Hatteras island and arrived home to a great meal of homemade shrimp gumbo courtesy of John's sister Sheridan.

Tomorrow, all of the men and Caitlin will be going out to sea for a fishing expedition on the headboat "Miss Oregon Inlet". I'll be needing to get to bed soon, as we leave the house at 6am. Hope to have pictures of this outing posted later. As for now, here are some pics of the vacation thus far:

Caitlin getting ready to boogey-board

Juliana playing in the sand

Nate building a sandcastle
Caitlin and Juliana enjoying the pool
Gathering around the table, clockwise from bottom left: Juliana, Sarabeth, Kyle, Mary, Matt, Dawn, Caitlin, Grace, Nate, Lauren and Ed.
Me and my grandma Dane on the Ferry to Ocracoke
Mary and the kids on the ferry
The famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse
The kids and a pirate on Ocracoke


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are relaxing! Thanks for the pics and update. we are praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

It was good seeing Dane again. Would have liked to have seen some pictures of your Dad. Take care.