Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Baaaack!

Winter has made its return to North Iowa. Ughhhh.

A sheet of ice is covering everything as the first real winter storm of the season came through yesterday. After an inch or two of snow, we had several hours of sleet followed by freezing rain. Talk about a little bit of everything!

The end result is a hard coating of ice covering everything. The temps are expected to stay well below freezing all week, so what we have is here to stay. It's fun watching our dog Maggie slip and slide around the back yard but unfortunately for the kids, it's just not the kind of conditions to go out and have fun in (even tho they're trying-- hopefully no broken arms!)

Clear Lake has an annual "Christmas by the Lake" celebration which ends on Saturday night with a parade of decorated/lighted floats and then fireworks out over the frozen lake. This year's event was postponed by the storm. It has been rescheduled for next weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate more.

Prior to the storm's arrival, Mary went out to Kragel's Tree Farm and picked up our tree. We had gone out as a family back in October and picked out/tagged a tree, an annual rite at our house. Last evening as the storm blew outside, we put the tree up and decorated it. The wonderful smell of a fresh cut evergreen in the house is a sure sign of Christmas.

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