Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blessings for 2008!

We celebrated New's Year Eve at the Stephenson's home last night. Six families from our church gathered for games, food, fun and a bit of political bantor .... the caucus here in Iowa is just 2 days away. There were 18 children from 4yrs to 20yrs present and they all had a wild and woolly time. Dressing up, playing pretend, board games, cards, pool - thank goodness the Stephenson's have a large home where the kids can play downstairs or in other rooms and the adults can have space to themselves. Many of us youngers and olders learned a new game called Ticket to Ride and enjoyed building railroads across the US and Europe. Close to midnight the teen girls gathered to mix up the Mocha Punch - a tradition of a sweet coffee flavored ice cream milkshake - yum!

As we look forward to 2008, there are so many new things in store for the Kambergers. We will be bringing Jeremy into our family before the end of February; Caitlin will turn 16 and be driving on her own by the summer; Jeriah will graduate from Faith Baptist Bible College in May and has actually already started to take module classes to continue into his Masters of Divinity program; Jeriah and Shawna will be married sometime in the summer - no date set as yet.

And those are things we already know, Lord willing, will occur. There will be so many more things that will take us by surprise, too! The good, the bad and the very blessed await us in 2008. What happens will take up about 20% of our life and how we respond to those things will take up the remaining 80%. May we take the mind of Christ with us into every situation, drawing closer to Him at every turn.

Our ultimate goals for 2008 remain the same:

to become more like Christ,
to please Christ in all we do
and to give God the glory for everything that happens.

Blessings to you and yours this new year!!


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Kari said...

YAY! I found the Kambergers. And what a great way to start 2008 - praising the Lord! (Is it my turn yet???) Love the continued goals from last year.

It was so very nice to see you on Sunday and so very fun to see how the girls have grown! The little ones have, too, but not as dramatically as the older ones.

Will be praying for Jeremy. Much love.