Sunday, March 8, 2009

Juliana is Toothless!

Juliana lost her first tooth today. It has been loose for several weeks and she's been wiggling and wiggling it. Today she came out of her room with a few tears in her eyes. She had wiggled it a bit much and the tooth was barely hanging on and was bleeding. Daddy got a tissue for Mom to "wipe away the blood" and voila! She did bleed for a while. As most of you know, Juls has had two open heart surgeries and is now on a baby aspirin daily, which means she bleeds a bit longer. She bit on a tissue for a while and after a few more tears, Juliana was all smiles!


Shannon/Jodi said...

Did the Tooth Fairy remember to stop by?

Transformed said...

Thanks SO much for your commment. I do believe we are in the minorty. I pray that more adoptive families will begin to adhere to God's standard and push away all that is from the world and the lies of the enemy. May God bless you and fill you will all wisdom and knowledge as you lead your children to the righteousness that is found in Christ alone!