Friday, July 17, 2009

Spring 2009 Photo Gallery

An Easter morning photo of the kids: Grace (15) Caitlin (16)
Nathan (5), Jeremy (8), Sarabeth (9) and Juliana (5)

Mary and Juls coloring eggs

Grace, before she cut her hair

Nathan is a budding artist

Caitlin getting all the dye ready

Our spring project... all the living room carpet is out, awaiting the new carpet's installation

A thorough cleaning and getting the walls ready for paint

The walls aren't white anymore!

Tan paint goes onto the hallway walls

The offending light fixture, which overheated and caused an attic fire!

The Clear Lake fire department was out in force

Firefighters begin the cleanup

And what a mess it was!

We spent HOURS cleaning up the mess

Mary reads the birthday card Juliana made for her

Another homemade birthday card.... Happy 50th Momma!

Jeremy the swordsman in action!

Happy 9th birthday Jeremy

Wow. Jeremy cleaned up on his birthday!

Trying out his birthday basketball

Jeremy gets ready to help dad grill his birthday dinner

Caitlin, on her 17th BD!

Not as many presents as Jeremy got. Welcome to adulthood Cait!

But.... the adult type presents can be pretty sweet :-)

This is a Washburn guitar. It has a very rich sound. Needless to say, Caitlin was pleased!

Playing a song for her Dad.

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