Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harvest party 2009

Well the kids had a fun time on Wednesday evening. Juliana commented, "why do all the adults have to stay upstairs and pray?" Cuz that's what happens when you grow up! Juls chose to be Queen Esther AGAIN - merely because it means you can dress up pretty and have makeup on! Sarabeth got an idea from a friend at church who said, "you would be so cool as an egyptian with your long, dark hair" - little did I know the original idea came from Grace who was going to be Moses mother/Pharoah's daughter. So instead of being her, Grace got to make up Sarabeth and we all added something to her costume ... she looked very Egyptianey! Nathan and Jeremy just waited till they got to church and pulled out a cloak from the costume boxes - Nate was Luke and Jeremy was John.

Juls also just got some glasses!! She has always been nose-glued to the computer and complained recently that she couldn't see a picture in the book I was holding up across the table from her. Turns out she has the worse eyes of anyone in the house! The whole world has changed for her - but she doesn't like them on her nose - they "tickle me" she says.



Shannon/Jodi said...

Miss you guys.

TheDideonGang said...

Do you have a Kingdom Kids account we can donate to?
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