Monday, February 1, 2010

Overdue post

It's been awhile since we posted.  We are crazy busy adapting to having 8 children in the house, but its fun listening to all the laughter!  Not so fun however, when they are fighting :-)

John is busy at the hospital and is participating in a pilot starting this week where a pharmacist will be working in the ER.  This past weekend, he had a great time at a "European Tower Shoot" at a local pheasant hunting preserve.  He and Pastor Cox shot about 15 birds in the two rounds around the tower, and each brought home 8 cleaned pheasants for the freezer.

Mary is constantly in motion!  She is homeschooling all eight children and running to various medical and dental appointments, piano lessons, the library, Walmart and the grocery store etc. etc. on an almost daily basis.

Caitlin is now a member of the workforce, as she's employed as a waitress in training at the local Perkin's restaurant.  She and Grace, along with John and Uncle Tim are planning a trip to China in May, 2010.  We will be spending approx 10 days volunteering at the Shepherd's Field Children's Village, which is the orphanage/foster facility that Nathan and Christina were both cared for prior to our adopting them.

Grace's beautiful smile above is thanks to some orthodontia work.  She just recently got her braces off!

Gideon Lushi and Christina are adapting well to the craziness of our household.  Gideon went along on the pheasant hunt and helped carry ammo and birds.  He even climbed a tree at one point to retrieve a bird that had fallen into a branch about 15 feet up.  Christina's shrill laugh is a perfect compliment to the already ear-bleeding noise level of the Kamberger house :-)    Gideon is also a helpful hand around the house, having already shown he is a capable snow shoveler and often sifting corn to keep the corn-stove going.



Sarabeth celebrated her 10th birthday yesterday!  Happy Birthday SB!   She is a very good reader and is getting progressively better on the piano.  She and Christina have hit it off as sisters and love playing dolls together.


Jeremy, Nathan and Juliana continue to grow.  It's hard to believe we've had Juls for over 5 yrs now, and that she is already a 6 year old aunt! Our first grandbaby is now 2 months old and according to Jeriah and Shawna, baby Hannah is just perfect.   We tend to agree :-)


Janet and Kevin said...

Thanks for the update. We are so happy everyone is adjusting well. I got to stop by Shepherd's Field for a brief visit when we traveled to China to receive our newest son, Eli. We would love to lead a mission trip back there sometime. It's such a lovely place. God bless your family as you continue to adjust and enjoy life.

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip (from PHF), and Eli

Jocelyn-Chris said...

Such a beautiful family!

Sharon and Michael said...

Thanks for the update and for including hannah in it. I've been wondering ho wit's all going.