Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving trip to Ohio

Juliana 5, Grace 14, Sarabeth 8, Mary (old), Caitlin 16, Jeremy 8, John (old,too) and Nathan 5.

John's sister, Sheridan, her husband, Brad and their daughter, Eileen (2) live in Ohio. We decided a good while back to visit them at Thanksgiving. John's brother, Tim would also be coming from VA. Tim and we would stay in a nearby hotel since asking Sher to host 8 of us plus Tim was way over the top - just having us all for the holiday was wild enough! Tim is 8/9 yrs younger than John and Sher is the baby, 11 yrs younger than John. Tim is a bachelor, 37 going on 17 and the kids adore him! They found out on this trip that Uncle Brad is great to play with, too!
Nate and Jeremy hit on Uncle Tim - what a great sport he is!!

The three sibs - Tim, Sheridan (with belly baby on board) and John.

John got the honor of carving!

The turkey was superb - brined overnight and stuffed with citrus fruit. Brad's Mom and Dad also were there, so we had 14 for dinner - not a bad crowd. Brad's Mom baked all the pies - oh, my, were they ALL good! We were all stuffed better than the turkey! We truly have so much to be thankful for and give God the glory for how He has richly blessed us!

Eileen and Sarabeth.

Princess Juliana loving all the "new" toys to play with.

Nathan and his pop beads.

Tim playing with Jeremy!

Uncle Brad and Jeremy who just LOVES to take pix with anyone's camera.

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