Friday, December 19, 2008

Yeah, it's been quite awhile!

Yes, I know it's been quite awhile - just not good about "journaling" every day ... every week.... or even every month for that matter! I'll take my cue from the pix I just uploaded as to what we have done in the last 6-8wks. John blogged about the bringing in of the corn. Before we did that we went and tagged our Christmas tree - back in October! That way, when it's below zero with lung freezing windchills (which it was the day we went to cut it down) we don't have to be trapesying all over to find the "perfect" tree .... which someone would have already tagged since we were so late in going to the farm. So here are a few shots of the warm day we went to tag our beautiful tree.
Caitlin teaching Juliana about crickets.
This looks like a good one! Jeremy's first Christmas tree hunt!
Cait with hot cider in hand: Nate and Juls hup, two, three, four ....!
Another biology lesson on mushrooms. Caitlin says that science is the only thing that keeps the school day tolerable!!
We made our choice, tagged the tree and were off. Not sure what we did for the rest of the day, though - 10/11 was a long time ago! : )

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Shannon/Jodi said...

Thanks for posting! I check your blog often, an am so excited to see new posts!